Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Giving my couch new life!

It's no secret that my couch needed a good cleaning.. lol. We have had it for 4 years, and it has been through a lot, especially with 2 toddlers!  Wiping it with a microfiber cloth and water was working for awhile, but it lost it's touch.  I found some helpful hints online and tried them out, and they worked great! I don't have complete before and after pics, as I wasn't planning on blogging about it, but I have a couple. I also used some old pillows, took the stuffing out, and used it to get rid of some of the sagging in the back of the couch. Who knew that there were handy little zippers hiding underneath that would allow you to do this?? Lol. Oh how I love the internet! 

I used some rubbing alcohol, an empty spray bottle, a stiff bristle brush (kinda like this one),  baby wipes (I used Kirkland brand), and a blow dryer. The method I used was putting the rubbing alcohol in the spray bottle, spraying/saturating couch (small sections at a time... I did a square or 2 at a time on my couch), giving it a good scrub with the brush. and the a good scrub/wipe with the baby wipes (you will go through quite a few!). You will see the dirt come off on the wipes. Somehow the rubbing alcohol helps lift the stains and also helps get rid of old water marks. You can then blow dry they area. You probably don't have to blow dry, but it dries faster, and also allows you to see if you missed anything right away. You should do a little test in an inconspicuous area just to make sure it won't affect the color. My couch is fairly light, so there were no issues. I used this method on my entire couch, but it will also work as a spot treatment in the future :) Happy cleaning!! 

The below pic is the "before". The left side has been cleaned and stuffed with extra pillow stuffing, the right side has not:

After stuffing and cleaning:

Before cleaning:

After cleaning:

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