Monday, October 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Dinner

Dessert (Pumpkin pie parfait)

My dinner plate:

Which consisted of:

Veggie bake:


Caramelized onion and brussel sprouts with toasted pecan and dried cranberries:

Mashed potatoes baked in a muffin tin:

Orange infused cranberry sauce: 

Mushroom gravy: 


Turk'y cutlets: 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Recent Eats

I cook so often without a recipe, that I often end up with delicious meals, but no recipe to post on my blog. I need to work on that! Haha. Here are a few pictures of recent foods I've made but didn't record recipes for. 

Vegan Taco Bake


One Pot Pasta with a Chik'n Cutlet

Vegan Black Forest Cake

Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate and Peanut Butter Medallions

Yam Gnocchi with a Basil Butter Sauce

Quinoa Greek Salad with Breaded "Scallops"

Vegan BLT Pizza

Vegan Chik'n Noodle Soup with a Homemade Biscuit and Homemade Caesar Salad

Vegan French Toast

Chocolate Cupcake with Real Raspberry Icing and a Sugar Decoration

Homemade Breadsticks

Homemade Spinach and Basil Infused Fettuccine with Cashew Alfredo and a Grilled Portobello

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

3 ingredient cookies... Well 8 ingredient in my case!

I'm sure most of you have seen the recipes for these 3 ingredient cookies using mashed bananas and oats. This is my interpretation :) I often use recipes like this to incorporate healthy foods like hemp hearts and chia seeds into my kids diet. They are quite picky right now, so I'll take any chance I can get! They aren't super sweet, and may not satisfy an adults sweet tooth (like mine which is waaaay off balance right now), but they are great for kids. You could even add some chocolate chips for an extra treat :) 

1 cup quick oats
2 ripe bananas (medium)
1/4 cup hemp hearts
1/4 cup raisins
2 tbsp ground chia seeds
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp cinnamon
Pinch of sea salt 

Preheat oven to 350. 
Mash bananas until smooth. Add all other ingredients and mix until combined. Spoon onto cookie sheet (either greased or lined with parchment paper), using a tablespoon (should make about 16 cookies). Slightly flatten cookies using a fork and bake for 15 minutes at 350. You want them to be firm and just starting to get a golden brown hue to them. Once cool, store in an airtight container. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Taco "Meat"

Here's a great alternative to using the prepared soy based "ground beef" products. 

You will need: 

1 cup walnut halves
8 medium mushrooms
1 small onion
2 tbsp oil (I used grape seed)
1/4 to 1/2 tsp salt (depending on your palate)
1/2 tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1/4 tsp smoked sweet paprika
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp Italian seasoning (I used clubhouse)
1/4 cup water (more or less)
1/4 tsp cayenne (optional)

Grind walnuts in food processor until they look like coarse bread crumbs. Set aside in a bowl. 

Next, roughly chop onion and quarter the mushrooms and add to food processor. Chop until they are roughly the same consistency as the walnuts. 

In a pan, heat the 2 tbsp of oil on medium high, and add the onion and mushroom mixture. Basically you want to cook the water out of the mushrooms since they contain so much and you don't want a soggy "meat". Cook for a few minutes, stirring occasionally, and then add the walnuts. Add in the rest of the ingredients, with the exception of the water. You may not need the full amount or you may need more, depending on how dry your mix is. Add it a bit at a time until you have a moist, but not soggy mixture. Cook until you start to get a nice brown crust forming on the bits of walnut onion and mushroom. 

Now add it to taco or burrito shells and add your favorite toppings! :) I topped with lettuce, tomato, and my new favourite sauce which is vegenaise and salsa mixed together :)