Thursday, April 28, 2011

Burrito Time!

Well I'm sure that this "recipe" is nothing new or innovative, but it was a delicious, complete meal, that Hudson really enjoyed, so I thought I'd share:) I enjoyed it also! I basically made some mashed "re-fried" black beans using canned black beans. Soaking your own beans would be even better, but we were all out. The pre-made "re-fried" black beans you get in a can are loaded with salt, almost too salty for me to even eat, so I figured making our own was a healthier (and less expensive) way. There were no measurements in anything I made (beans, guacamole), just made to taste.... really you can make them however you prefer. The "odd" part of the burrito, which I kinda added last minute, was the mashed broccoli. I wanted to add some "greens" to the dish to make it healthier, and it ended up tasting really good... you wouldn't even know there was broccoli in it.  
Here is what I did:

Took one can of black beans and rinsed them thoroughly. Put them in a pot with a splash of vegetable stock (just enough to moisten the beans and make then mashable (if that's a word). Added some garlic powder, onion powder, and cajun seasoning (I just used the "Clubhouse" brand). I then mashed it all together with a potato masher. In a separate pot I steamed a couple cups of broccoli and then mashed with a potato masher. For the guacamole, I mashed 1 ripe avocado with some sea salt, onion powder and garlic powder. I then heated a whole grain tortilla in a pan, added some "cheese" (whatever brand you like), and then layered the beans, broccoli, guacamole and added some salsa on top. For Hudson's I skipped the "cheese" and just put beans, broccoli, guacamole, and fresh chopped tomato instead of salsa (it had a little too much kick for him).
Like I said, it's not a new or sensational recipe by any means, but Hudson really liked it and it was healthy and easy too.... so what more can you ask for? :)

                                                         Hudson enjoying his burrito :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Cute Little Man:)

This is Hudson. He is 16.5 months old (15 months old in the first 2 pictures) and is vegan!:) I got him the t-shirt from Karmavore vegan shop (, and it's still a little big, but still cute!:) I'm not sure what's going on with his hair in the pics tho... haha.

He is about 5 months old in this picture.... momma's little man:)

He is about 4 months in these pictures.... the last one is my fave. He started rolling backwards on the pillow and I managed to get his expression on camera... priceless.. haha :)