Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Recent Eats part 2

Here are a few pics of some recent meals I've made. I'm notorious for whipping stuff up without a recipe, and not keeping track of amounts, so unfortunately I don't always have a recipe to post. Sorry! :( One day I'll get better at that! 

Vegan chili with cashew sour cream:

Vegan mint ice cream bars )based on this recipe, then dipped in a mixture of melted coconut oil, raw cocoa, and maple syrup: 

Thai noodle salad with tofu:

Kale chips:

Mac n "cheese" with broccoli used this recipe:

Grilled smoked "gouda" and tomato sandwich with homemade Caesar salad (used this recipe for the cheese: 

Avocado sushi with tempura veggies:

"Fish" tacos:

Enchiladas with a "cheesy" sauce:

Apple cinnamon pancakes with tofu "bacon":

Butter chickpeas (like butter chicken, but veganized):

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